5 things every family can do to protect the planet during Lockdown

It may have fallen off the headlines but if lockdown has proven anything, it is how resilient nature is! This is great news because it means that the things we do (or don’t do) really can make a difference and help protect our Amazing Earth! Sometimes the problems feel so big that it is hard to know where to start. So we have compiled a list of 5 simple things you can do, starting now!

1. Plant insect-friendly seeds: Bees and other pollinating insects are so important and they love flowers. You don’t need a garden to become a pollinator protector, just a small pot could make all the difference to a tired little bee. Check out Maddy Moate’s Bee Cafe for ideas. 

2. Play the Food Switch Game: Lockdown has forced many of us to look for supplies more locally. Food from local farms and food shops hasn’t had to travel as far, is more often in season and it feels great to support local people. I think we’ve all had to learn to go without some of the things we might have been used to before, so why not keep it up! Could you play the food switch game? Find out what is in season right now and switch it for something that isn’t. Could you create a beautiful plate of food entirely from food that is in season? The BBC has produced a handy table of what’s in season in the UK each month 

3. Be plastic clever: Lockdown brings us a great opportunity to really look at how much plastic waste we create. Could you do a plastic count over three days to see exactly how much waste your family is producing? We all have to start somewhere and this will help you identify if there are certain types of plastic you can reduce. Ella and Amy, the founders of Kids Against Plastic have created lots of things to help you out 


4. Ditch the car: We know that this isn’t always possible, but every time you decide to hop on your bike, a bus, train or your legs, you are saving the planet. You may have noticed that you can see further, and things look clearer since lockdown began. That’s because the toxic gases in our air have halved since so many of us stopped driving and flying! Now that’s what I call a Breath of Fresh Air!

5. Transform something: If you are clearing out some of your old clothes, don’t throw them away, transform them! You don’t even need to be able to sew! Here I’ve turned an old pair of jeans into a pencil case, what could you make?


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