Playing with Puffins!

The outdoors is one of the best and easiest ways to explore science. The added bonus is that we know that getting connected to nature makes us feel good too! Renée recently spent a week on Skomer Island, a nature reserve off the west coast of Wales. It’s Puffin breeding season right now, a time she’s always wanted to see first-hand. She also wanted to get up close and personal with puffins and she wasn’t disappointed!

Ask your Puffin questions

Join Renée and Puffin scientist Annette Fayet for a live event as part of the Great Science Share. This will be a friendly, informal discussion about Puffins where you can bring all your questions! Register and send in your questions here:

See photos of the beautiful wildlife that Renee and her family encountered on Skomer

Watch Renee’s video diary 

Renée kept a video diary of her time on the island so that you can see what life is like living off-grid on a nature reserve. Here’s Episode 1 of the video diary, while Renée is waiting to get the boat across!


Read the Great Science Share Blog 

Renee has also written a blog of her experience for The Great Science Share for schools


Here are some of the things Renée spotted, that will feature in her photos and videos:

  1. Puffins EVERYWHERE!
  2. Short-eared Owl
  3. Spoonbill
  4. St. George’s mushroom
  5. Slow worm
  6. Raven stealing a gull egg
  7. Seals
  8. Razorbills
  9. Guillemots
  10. Lots of different Gulls
  11. Buzzards

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Photo credits to Kerry Fisher Instagram: @last_of_the_late_developers

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