A Box of science experiments, the way you wish you had it when you were a kid!

We’ve put the fun activities we know grown ups love, into a box, ready to get you big kids having fun with science. This Robot Wars, meets QI, meets old school potions kit!

“Apparently, this is the funniest present I’ve ever given my ‘kids’ (aged 21 and 23), they’ve been playing with the stuff or ages!!” Mum of some Grown-up Curiositeers!

The Lovelace Luxe Box

Includes a “drink me!” colour changing potion, an electric racer challenge, molecular gastronomy hack, an arty robot and smart microscope.


Einstein's Ickle Box

Add a pinch of science to your life with a “drink me!” colour changing potion & maker kit with an electric racer or a light up gift card. Think potions kit, meets robot wars, meets QI!