A Box of science experiments to make your virtual Christmas party magical!

We’ve put the fun activities we know grown ups love, into a box, ready to send to your colleagues in time for your virtual Christmas party! Our Founder and Head of Explosions, Renee, explains how it works here Our Ltd Ed Grown Ups Boxes will make your whole team feel more together, and have a laugh doing the kinds of activities you wish you had when you were a kid, together!

The Lovelace Luxe Box

Includes a “drink me!” colour changing potion, an electric racer challenge, molecular gastronomy hack, an arty robot and smart microscope. Plus games you can play together!


Einstein's Elf Box

Add a pinch of science to your party with a “drink me!” colour changing potion, electric racer challenge and quiz. Think potions kit ,meets robot wars, meets QI!



Book your virtual event (Zoom, Teams, Meet) as planned;

Click on the Lovelace Luxe or Einstein’s Elf to see what’s inside the box;

How many people are in your team? Choose the quantity you need from the dropdown list and place your order. Then we’ll get in touch to sort out when and who to send the boxes to.

On the big night, everyone has a box of goodies and gadgets to play with together!